Real Good Tomato Ketchup

No Added Sugar and 78% Less Salt*

Winner Best New Reduced Sugar & No Sugar Product 2017 and the Food Talk Clean Eating Gold Award 2018.

Our Real Good Tomato Ketchup is deliciously made with plant-based, allergen free ingredients including sun kissed Mediterranean tomatoes and natural plant sweeteners, stevia leaf and birch sugar xylitol. Happy to share 78% less salt than other regular ketchups*.

Real Good benefits –

  • Natural plant-based ingredients, vegan
  • Only 10 calories per 15g serve
  • Contains 13mg of Lycopene per 15g serve
  • No GMO, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings
  • Free from refined sugars, fruit syrups or other high fructose ingredients

Real Good highlights –

  • 2 Free From Food Awards including a Gold from Ireland
  • Sugarwise certified Free From Added Sugar
  • Made in a nut free facility by the Real Good family
  • Suitable for diabetes, sugar reduction and salt reduction
  • Tastes amazingly of real tomatoes !

Our glass bottle and lid is 100% recyclable – please wash out after use and put into your local recycling. It matters.

All our nutritionals and nutrients in our Real Good Ketchups are laboratory tested. We are happy to share that our ketchup contains 13mg of Lycopene per 15g serve. Lycopene is a naturally-occurring antioxidant found in tomatoes. Cooking tomatoes helps release lycopene from the tomato cells, so that lycopene is more easily absorbed.

Although some of our carefully selected ingredients are brought in from overseas (as they do not grow in the UK) we are proudly British made and thank you for supporting a local family business.


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