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We provide Real Good Ketchup in a variety of recyclable, easy to serve formats in 2.7kg jars and 310g squeezies.

With over 75% less sugar and 80% less salt than regular tomato ketchups, Real Good Ketchup is the optimum choice for children and for those who need sugar and salt reduction in their diets.

Removing that extra sugar cube off the plate and reducing salt at mealtimes is crucially important for children of all ages. Real Good Ketchup will do that for you whilst tasting delicious !

All our sauces are free from preservatives, artificial flavourings & colourings and made with natural, top 14 listed allergen free ingredients.

As a local producer and ethical food business, Real Good Ketchup is sustainably made in a nut free BRC site here in the UK. All our products are plant-based, vegetarian and suitable for vegans.


per 100g Heinz Everyday Heinz reduced Real Good
Of which sugars 22.8g 20.4g 11.4g 5.7g
Salt 1.8g 1.65g 0.9g 0.3g

Did you know…
Real Good Ketchup is 75% less sugar and 83% less salt than Heinz Ketchup
Real Good Ketchup is 72% less sugar and 81% less salt than Everyday Ketchup
Real Good Ketchup is 50% less sugar and 66% less salt than Heinz 50% reduced sugar & salt Ketchup

As you can see, Real Good Ketchup is nutritionally complaint with appropriate levels of sugar and salt for children and education settings.

Real Good Ketchup is served to a wide range of junior, primary, prep, nurseries and senior schools across the UK. Please ask us about Real Good Ketchup for your school or caterer.

We are happy to send samples to taste and talk to your wholesaler, caterer or Local Council Authority about stocking the Real Good Ketchup range.

Happy to share Real Good Ketchup is a Silver Free From Food Award Winner 2023 – Child and Teen Food Category – voted by young children, teenagers and parents.

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