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Review Free From Foodie….It’s no secret I’m fond of ketchup, and I have to admit cutting it out for operation wedding dress has been tricky. You know a bacon sandwich just isn’t the same without it ( unless you’re a brown sauce fan I guess).

I was really excited when new company Real Good tomato ketchup followed me on Twitter. They make ketchup (so far) that is gluten free, nut free, reduced sugar and dairy free. This ticks all the boxes in our house, so when a bottle arrived to try out, naturally we dived in ( not literally that would be silly).

I like the packaging, it’s simple, clear and the allergy information easy to find. These are all great factors, but the important thing is how does it taste?

It has a more rustic texture than some of the sugar laden counter-parts, due to the fact that its primary ingredient is tomato paste, with this, and due to the fact the sugars are sweetener and naturally occurring sugar from the tomatoes, the taste edges more towards a tomato purée or passata than a traditionally processed ketchup. Now this is not a bad point, I love it ( although your die hard junk food lover may not)

This ketchup works so well with meats, and vegetables alike. I’ve also used it as a secret ingredient in a tomato/ basil pasta sauce and it was a winner all round. Would I recommend it? Yes I would, it’s less sugar and calories with a more authentic taste, what’s not to like? The ultimate judge (mini me ) even went in for seconds, which in this current fussy phase is a triumph. So well done Real Good, more of the same please. Currently this is available from Amazon, but I believe more stockiests will be added soon-watch this space.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try, all views are my own and my honest opinion. The tiny tot’s views are most definitely honest – at 3 there is no other way.

Source: Free From Foodie