Xylitol Plant-based Sugar



Nature’s sweet gift of Xylitol is a plant based alternative to regular sugar, which looks and tastes similar to sugar and is derived from sustainable Birch and Beech forests in Scandinavia. Because of it’s sweetness, we use a small amount of Xylitol as an ingredient to bring out the rich flavour of our Mediterranean tomatoes in our Real Good Tomato Ketchup.

Unlike regular sugar, Xylitol has some additional benefits, which has led to it being recommended by nutritionists, health experts and dentists as an alternative for those looking to reduce consumption of refined sugars.  Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar and less than half the ‘available’ carbohydrates.

Consuming foods containing Xylitol instead of sugar contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.


What does Xylitol mean

The word ‘Xylitol’ is derived from the Greek word for wood, ‘xyl’, as in ‘xylophone’, because Xylitol was first discovered in Birch wood after the Second World War, when sugar was in short supply and people were looking for alternative ways to sweeten their food. 

Once you experience the difference, you may enjoy using Xylitol instead of regular sugars in everyday foods. Our Xylitol partner, Total Sweet, have a range of ready to go packs, see more here..  www.totalsweet.co.uk



Not designed for dogs

Just as certain foods that we might enjoy such as chocolate, grapes, avocado, raisins and onions are not good for dogs, so too Xylitol is not designed for dogs as they don’t metabolise it in the same way we do. Don’t be tempted to feed your pet anything containing Xylitol as it can be seriously harmful to their health.