Real Good Smokey BBQ Ketchup

No Added Sugar and 80% Less Salt*

Our new Real Good Smokey BBQ Ketchup is deliciously made with plant-based, allergen free ingredients including sun kissed Mediterranean tomatoes, natural plant sweeteners (stevia leaf and birch sugar xylitol) and an amazing natural Hickory & Oak smoked water from the deep South of Tennessee. Happy to share 80% less salt than other Smokey and BBQ ketchups*.

Real Good benefits –

  • Natural plant-based ingredients, vegan
  • Only 15 calories per 15g serve
  • Contains 13mg of Lycopene per 15g serve
  • No GMO, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings

Real Good highlights –

  • Made in a nut free facility by the Real Good family
  • Suitable for diabetes, sugar reduction and salt reduction
  • Free from refined sugars, fruit syrups or other high fructose ingredients
  • Tastes amazing !

Our glass bottle and lid is 100% recyclable – please wash out after use and put into your local recycling. It matters.

Dental Care –
Have you thought about the impact of regular sugar in ketchup on teeth ? We love Birch sugar xylitol from sustainable Scandinavian forests, if you have not heard; consuming foods containing xylitol instead of sugar contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation. Is this good news or what !

Although some of our carefully selected ingredients are brought in from overseas (as they do not grow in the UK) we are proudly British made and thank you for supporting a local family business.


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